WOW: An Icelandic success story

WOW was founded by Icelandic entrepreneur Skúli Mogensen in 2012, and its proud boast is that it is totally debt-free. WOW commenced operations to the UK in its first year, and Select Airline Management was appointed from the outset to market the cargo capacity on its twice-daily A320/321 flights ex London Gatwick.

Select successfully supported the London Gatwick flight departures, by establishing a scheduled RFS programme from UK wide cargo reception points.

Select’s thorough market knowledge and close relationships with the freight forwarding community enabled WOW to gain revenue from cargo operations starting in month one, and increasing steadily thereafter.

WOW’s capacity and capabilities grew dramatically with the introduction of scheduled wide body A330-300 aircraft from Summer 2016. These can now carry large and heavy cargo shipments both to Iceland and beyond – serving major air cargo destinations cities such as Boston, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Toronto.

Select has worked hard to build WOW’s profile in the UK cargo market – initially establishing it as the market leader to Iceland and, more recently, gaining it a foothold in the important transAtlantic market.

Further flight frequencies and more A330 widebody flights are planned for 2017; meanwhile the massive contribution of UK cargo revenue is playing a major part in the carrier’s overall expansion.

"Through our close partner relationship, Select is able to offer us the time critical services our biopharmaceutical clients have come to expect. Select is a preferred supplier in line with our ISO 9001:2008 accreditation."

Neal Cullen, Marken Ltd