LOT: Arresting decline in a competitive market

The Challenge:

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LOT Polish Airlines had been represented in the UK for some years, by a major multinational GSA. Because of conflicts with the GSA’s other (more lucrative) airline contracts, LOT was suffering a steady decline in its market share and cargo revenues. How could LOT arrest this decline, and restore its once strong market position?

The Select Solution

LOT Polish approached Select because of its strict policy of not representing conflicting carriers. Select:

  • Initiated a precisely-targeted sales and marketing campaign to restore market awareness
  • Proposed and exploited new revenue streams and products (such as mail and courier) to enhance yield and market share
  • Targeted UK regional airport departures where these provided attractive alternatives to LHR flights for customers
  • Offered a much improved IT and communication interface for Customers
  • Enhanced transparency of services beyond Warsaw

Search Results

In just six months, Select increased LOT’s share of the Warsaw market alone from 50% to 87%. Significant cargo volumes have been generated for domestic destinations in Poland and throughout LOT’sinternational network.LOT flights from the UK are now running at capacity, with complementary RFS during periods of peak demand.


"Through our close partner relationship, Select is able to offer us the time critical services our biopharmaceutical clients have come to expect. Select is a preferred supplier in line with our ISO 9001:2008 accreditation."

Neal Cullen, Marken Ltd