Awards, accreditations & achievements


One of the proudest moments in Select’s history to date was when we achieved a Queen's Award for Enterprise.

We were one of only 25 companies in the UK capital to be honoured in this way, recognising our outstanding performance in international trade.

Select’s Directors were privileged to meet Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, and to receive the award from her personally.

Says Colin Brett:

"We've always fostered a team ethic at Select because we want everyone to be fully and actively involved in delivering the best solution for every client. Winning the Queen's Award for Enterprise shows how team work makes all the difference."

ISO 9001

We first achieved ISO 9001 certification in Feb 2009, signifying quality and consistency in every aspect of our operations.

We have successfully maintained our accreditation in every subsequent year, undergoing independent external auditing to verify our continued compliance.

This internationally-recognised standard underscores Select Airline Management’s continuing commitment to quality and service.

IATA registered GSSA

Select Airline Management has been an IATA registered GSSA since 2006. The IATA GSSA Registration Programme is designed to expand business recognition of GSSAs across the globe, while enhancing their role and reputations


Select Airline Management is a full billing participant in IATA CASS UK, providing airlines with the ultimate security for their cargo revenues.

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Select Airline Management is a founder member of 1GSA – the network of independent GSSA companies. 1GSA enables Select to provide airlines with coverage of markets outside its UK home, utilising a formalised system of carefully-vetted, top-quality and highly-motivated GSSAs - which can be managed via a single contract and single point of contact if required.

Select’s co-founder, David Lee, is the Network’s first President. (for more information, visit www.1gsa.net)

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