Select Airline Management are the largest fully independent GSSA in the UK.

Essential players in the aviation and logistics industry, Select Airline Management serve as the bridge between airlines and the global market, offering a wide array of services that enable airlines to expand their reach, enhance their customer service, and optimise their operations.

With our industry knowledge, strong partnerships, adaptability, and technology integration, we work proactively to contribute significantly to the success of our partner airlines in an increasingly competitive and dynamic industry. Facilitating the most efficient and cost effective movement of cargo we strive to benefit both the airlines and the freight forwarding community alike.

From sales and marketing to cargo handling and customer support, Select Airline Management have been helping airlines expand their reach and improve their operational efficiency for 20 years and have forged close knit relationships with the airlines they act for and a reputation for reliability and accountability with freight forwarders and shippers.

The experience of the well established team at Select make them highly agile, able to make prompt decisions and move quickly to drive success for all parties.

Based at Heathrow, Select cover all UK and Irish departure points.



Staying updated on industry trends, regulations, and technologies, we are continuously enhancing our knowledge to provide our airlines with the latest insights and solutions.


Building and maintaining strong relationships with airlines, airports, and other stakeholders is crucial for us to be able to leverage these partnerships to offer a comprehensive service and expand our client base.


The aviation industry is dynamic, and we have to be adaptable to changing market conditions. Flexibility in our services and the ability to respond to unexpected challenges are key to our success and that of of our customers.


Always aiming to go above and beyond, we strive to help our airlines manage risk by providing support during seasonal fluctuations or unforeseen challenges, such as strikes or natural disasters. We are able to adapt quickly to changing circumstances, ensuring the continuity of airline operations.


Select embraces all technology that can streamline our operations, improve efficiency, and enhance our customers experience. From online booking systems to real-time tracking, technology plays a pivotal role in our operations.